Coastal GEMS

Virginia Coastal Geospatial and Educational Mapping System.

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SAV Restoration on the Seaside of Virginia's Eastern Shore

Coastal Virginia Ecological Value Assessment

Economics of Conserved Land on Virginia’s Eastern Shore

Exploring the Unexplored: Deep-Sea Canyons of the Mid-Atlantic

Eight Ecologically Outstanding Places You Can Visit!

Maritime Roots and Innovative Industry: Working Waterfronts on Virginia's Eastern Shore


What is Coastal Gems?

Identifying and mapping the best remaining blue (water-based) and green (land-based) natural resources within Virginia's coastal zone.
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Current Projects

Coastal Gems highlights current projects that the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program supports.
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Data sets

Our partners are constantly creating datasets that are valuable to our mission. Here is where you can find out the particulars about data being displayed on the mapping application.

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